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It is fast, intuitive and powerful. Packing more than a dozen of the most-demanded features, Cyan is the most complete Facebook client for iPhone ever. Cyan has gone into Indiegogo for funding its future development.

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Why Cyan?

Super Fast

One of the AppStore user reviews for the Facebook app reads "S-O-O-O-O S-L-O-W". In fact, lag is one of the most complained features of the FB app and from the beginning, it has been one of our areas of focus. Thanks to the light-weight coding and a simplistic design, Cyan is upto 2 times faster than the official Facebook app, even on older devices.


The elegant interface (beta) is flat and iOS-7 inspired, showing an increased use of white spaces and transparency. The actions are mostly gesture-based and we have significantly reduced the number of taps it takes to get things done.


We literally spent weeks going through thousands of user reviews left at the AppStore for the Facebook app. We then shortlisted about 50 of the most demanded and practical features to be implemented in Cyan. The first release of Cyan will see over a dozen of these features with more coming in the later updates.

Filter your feed

Facebook's algorithm to sort the user's feeds has been widely critisized and when they removed the ability to sort Friends out of the feed, everybody started missing important stories. Cyan will bring back the ability to filter only posts from Friends or Pages. You can also create a custom group of friends and get a feed of just their stories.

Save for Later

Have you ever found a long blog post or a video in your feed which you really wanted to see but din't have the time to do so? Save for Later helps you with just that. You can Save certain stories and links either locally or to third party clients like Pocket, Readability and Instapaper, to read later.

Bookmark posts

Bookmarking is like a permanent save. For example, you find a post on "Top ten places to visit before you die." or a video on "How to fix a frozen iPhone" which you want to save forever and access in times of need. These Bookmarks can be sorted, tagged and are also searchable, for easy access.

Pin Friends or Pages to side bar

If you have a close friend or a business page or a favorite celebrity whom you closely follow, you can create a shortcut to their feeds by pinning them to the homescreen or sidebar. These icons can also show notifications when they posts something new.


Admit it, you have always had that one guy who always posts something annoying or offensive but you just can't unfriend him. With Cyan, you can just hit a Mute button to hide all his posts without him ever finding out. Not only friends, but pages and groups can also be muted.

Powerful search for feeds

Facebook app's search is great for finding people and fan pages, but finding stories are not that easy except for the limited tags. Cyan comes with a powerful seacrh which can search through the feeds based on time, user, page and more.

iOS 8 ready

By the time Cyan is launched, iOS 8 would have already been rolled out but, Cyan won't be late to join the party. We're already working on some great iOS 8 features including interactive notifications, notification center widgets and app extensions.

Live in-app notifications

Thanks to Facebook's real-time APIs, Cyan will be able to give live notifications when users are within the app. These will be non-obtrusive banners on the top bar which can be either dismissed or opened to bring a pop-up story where you can quickly reply, like or comment without losing whatever you're doing.


Modes are something super exciting and exclusive to Cyan. Though we won't be able to give you the exact details of each at this time, we can assure that Cyan will come with a Driving mode, Excercise mode, Night mode, Kid's mode and a "top secret" mode.


In addition to the above mentioned features, minor additions like Password locking, multiple profiles, faster ways to comsume feeds, powerful media controls and accessibility features will also make into Cyan.

Our Story

We are a group of Indie developers from India, who like to call our establishment as the Bluish Lab. We have been working on Cyan for the past 6 months, doing part-time jobs to fund the project. But now, we realise that in order to do full justice to the app, we need more resources, especially a dedicated UI designer and access to some third party services. And that is why we turned to Indiegogo for your help to make Cyan a reality.


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